Significant Events

Clifton – Fry Wedding (1905)

An extremely pretty wedding took place in the Brunswick Hall on Thursday 27 July, when Mr Reginald Clifton, second son of Mrs Waller Clifton, of Wokalup, was married to Miss Alice Horatio Fry, only daughter of Mrs SH Fry, of ‘Shenfield’. The Hall was beautifully decorated for the occasion by the many friends of the bride.

The bride, who was given away by her uncle, Mr J Partridge, wore a graceful gown of soft silk, transparent yoke of chiffon and lace, elbow gloves. The skirt with rows of insertion and prettily tucked. She wore a wreath of orange blossom and tulle veil, and carried a lovely shower bouquet of roses and carnations. She was attended by five bridesmaids, Misses Cecily and Dorothy Clifton (sisters of the bridegroom), Miss Dorinda and Ettie Clifton (cousins of the bridegroom) and Miss Harriet Partridge (niece of the bride). They wore cream voile gowns, shirred round yokes, and tucked net vests, in deeper shade of cream. Large puffed elbow sleeves, with effective frills, edged with Paris lace, graceful skirts, shirred round hips, three large folds bordering the skirt, deep belts shaded from tangerine to cream, with large bandeau round crown of tucked chiffon, with tangerine roses were most becoming. They all carried pretty bouquets of chrysanthemums, shaded from yellow to brown and wore gold broaches, inset with different stones, gifts of the bridegroom.

The bridegroom was supported by Mr Ernest Cuthbertson, as best man, while Messrs John and Phil Fry, and D and C Clifton acted as groomsmen.

The Rev. WH Boake was the officiating clergyman. Mr Burton played the ‘Wedding March’ and during the service the hymn ‘Now thank we all our God’, was sung. The ceremony over, a reception was held at the residence of the bride’s mother, at which a large number of guests were present.

Some forty carriages were used to convey the guests from the hall to ‘Shenfield,’ a distance of seven miles and being a delightful day the drive was very pleasant. Later the bride and bridegroom left for Perth, where part of the honeymoon will be spent. The bride went away in a bright navy spotted voile gown, prettily tucked and ornamented with guipure lace and insertion. She wore with it a large black picture hat.

Mrs Fry, the bride’s mother wore black silk voile, with large tucked collar, edged with coarse cream silk insertion, which also trimmed the skirt, black chenille toque, with ostrich feathers and velvet strings. Mrs Clifton, the bridegroom’s mother, wore black silk crepe voile, deep yoke with ruche glace ribbon, deep tucks bordered the skirt. Toque of folded chiffon, rosettes of chiffon and buckle. Mrs Geoffrey Palmer, sister of bridegroom, wore a black coat and skirt, becoming hat in cream, trimmed with violets and mauve ribbon. Mrs Christison, sister of the bridegroom, wore a smart brown tweed coat, brightened with gold buttons; large brown velvet toque with green ribbon. Miss Jessie Clifton (sister of bridegroom), wore black and white spotted delaine, trimmed with old black Maltese lace and a black picture hat. Miss Rosina Clifton (sister of bridegroom), wore pretty cream lace voile, deep heliotrope belt, broad tucks bordering skirt, cream mushroom shaped hat, with clusters of violet and mauve ribbon.

The delicious wedding cake was made and cleverly iced by Miss Rosina Clifton.

Among the guests were Mr and Mrs Algy Clifton, Mr and Mrs Arthur Clifton, Mr and Mrs Maitland Clifton, Mr and Mrs Gervase Clifton, Mr Joseph and the Misses Clifton (Australind), Misses Clifton ‘Rosamel’, Miss Kate Clifton (Perth), Miss Mabel Clifton (Fremantle), Masters and Misses Clifton ‘Alverstoke’, Mr and Mrs J Partridge and sons, Mrs AW Henn, Rev. and Mrs Boake, Mr and Miss Cuthbertson, Mr and Mrs F Hawkins, Mrs WB Mitchell, the Misses Mitchell, Mrs RW Lowe, Miss A Lowe, Mr A Cooper (Perth), Mr Eric Webster, Mr Edwin Rose, Mrs Robert Rose and Misses Rose. Mr Tom Rose, Mr and Mrs Drummond, Mrs Ker, Mr and Mrs Forman, Mr L Crampton, Mr and Mrs A Perren, Miss Rodgers, Miss Smith (Mornington), Miss Una Pearse, Mr and Mrs Offer, snr, Mrs and Miss Dans, Mrs and Miss Hawkins, Miss Perrin, Mr and Mrs Geoffrey Palmer, Miss V Johnstone, Mr George Gibbs, Mr T Knight, Mr and Mrs Holley, Mr and Mrs Wellard, Miss Nautille Atkinson, Mr Charles Offer, Mr and Mrs Barnes, Mr and Mrs Tom Offer, Mrs Kasten, Mr and Mrs Delaporte, Mr J and Miss Logue. The Misses Smith (Uduc), Mr Jas. Mitchell (Northam), Mrs and Miss Heppingstone, Miss Lambert, Mr Ogden, Mr R Hayward, Mrs Ogden.

The following is a list of the presents:

  • Mrs Rae, cut glass and silver vase.
  • Mrs and the Misses Darling (Geraldton), silver-mounted toby teaset.
  • Mrs AU Henn, tea cosy.
  • Master Jock and Walter Partridge, silver thimble.
  • Mr and Mrs Partridge, cheque.
  • Miss ME Partridge (England) cheque.
  • Mr OS Partridge (England) cheque.
  • Mr and Miss Partridge (England) table silver.
  • Mrs Stephens (England) silver entrée dish.
  • Rev. Pryor Whalley (England) cheque.
  • Mrs AN Dixon (England) cheque.
  • Mr Ernest Cuthbertson, silver manicure set.
  • Mr Phil Fry, sofa.
  • Mr John Fry, cheque.
  • Mrs Barham Johnson (England) cheque.
  • Mr and Mrs Milne (England) cheque.
  • Mr and Mrs Frederick Fry (England) travelling clock.
  • Mr and Mrs Frank Hawkins, pair saltcellars.
  • Miss Fry (England) tablecloths and table napkins.
  • Mrs Percy Fry (England) table mirror.
  • Mrs Frank Woods (England) silver coffee pot.
  • Miss Woods (England) silver cream jug and sugar basin.
  • Miss Margaret Wood, silver calendar.
  • Mr and Mrs VS Woods (England) table knives and carvers.
  • Mrs Laurence, china bowl.
  • Mr and Mrs H Mitchell, comb, brush and tray.
  • Mr and Mrs WR Mitchell, silver scissors.
  • Mr and Mrs Forster Johnston, china dish.
  • Miss Amy Mitchell, china cream jug and sugar basin.
  • Mrs and Miss Cooper, silver breakfast dish.
  • The Misses Eliot, pair silver candlesticks.
  • Lieut. and Mrs RA Willis, pictures.
  • Mr Cowley Hill, pair of knife rests.
  • Mr and Mrs Johnson, table centre.
  • Mr Eric Webster, toast rack.
  • Mrs CB Elliott, preserve dish.
  • Mrs SH Fry, cheque.
  • Mr and Mrs Robert Rose, snr, oak and silver butter dish.
  • Mr Tom Mitchell, afternoon tea plates.
  • Miss Kate Clifton, lamp.
  • Mr and Mrs Drummond, silver serviette rings.
  • Mrs Ker, macramé bag.
  • Mr and Mrs Wickham, afternoon teacloth.
  • Mrs Walter Fry (England), book.
  • Mrs Kirkman (England), cheque.
  • Mrs Maitland Clifton, table centre.
  • Mr and Miss Forman, table centre.
  • Miss Dorinda Clifton, silk point lace collar.
  • Mr Bob Clifton, bread fork.
  • Mr AG Clifton, afternoon tea cloth and lace collar.
  • Miss Marian Clifton, pair vases and kettle holders.
  • Mr J and Luke Crampton, silver frame.
  • Miss Gardiner, silver and cut glass powder box.
  • Mr and Mrs AB Perren, silver hot water jug.
  • Miss Rodgers, book ‘American Poetry’.
  • Mr and Mrs H Offer, snr, cheque.
  • Mr and Mrs Dans, pair pillow shams.
  • Miss A Dans, silk doyleys.
  • Mrs and Miss Hawkins, silver sugar basin.
  • Miss Perren, pair of butter knives.
  • Mr and Mrs RW Lowe, cheque.
  • Mr and Mrs Leonard Clifton, silver top-trinket box and silver matchbox.
  • Miss Mabel Mitchell, supper cloth.
  • Miss Winnie Mitchell, pair glass and silver saltcellars.
  • Mrs ME Rose, and Mr Harry Rose, cheque.
  • Mr and Mrs Geoffrey Palmer, silver mustard pot.
  • Miss Riley, Japanese dish.
  • Mr and Mrs Thomas Marriott, cheque.
  • Miss Harriett Partridge, doyleys.
  • Miss V Johnson, crumb brush and tray.
  • Miss Laura Clifton, Japanese table.
  • Mr and Mrs Gordon Gibbs, pair glass and silver saltcellars.
  • Rev. and Mrs Boake, bible.
  • Miss Annie Rose, tea cloth.
  • Miss Amy Rose, pillowslip.
  • Miss Edith Rose, pillowslip.
  • Mr Tom Rose, silver clothes brush and silver-top bottle.
  • Mr Ed Knight and Miss Margaret Knight, set carvers.
  • Mr and Mrs Christison, pair silver saltcellars.
  • Mr and Mrs Cecil Clifton and family, china bowl and pair of china flowerpots.
  • Messrs Knight brothers, cruet.
  • Miss Mabel Clifton, pair jam spoons.
  • Miss Moore, set silver saltcellars.
  • Brunswick Congregation, hymn book and prayer and hymns.
  • Master Claude Clifton, bread trencher and knife.
  • Miss Edith Clifton, flour sifter and potato peeler.
  • Miss Kathleen Clifton, dish cloths and masher.
  • Mr and Mrs Holley, Doulton, tea set.
  • Mr and Mrs Wellard, china and silver dish.
  • Mr and Mrs Drake Brockman, toast rack.
  • Mr Charles Offer, set of cake knives.
  • Mrs Quaife, pot plants.
  • Mr and Mrs Barnes, silver and glass jam dish.
  • Mr and Mrs Tom Offer, pair photo frames.
  • Mr Bedford and Miss Emily Delaporte, cruet.
  • Mr and Mrs Kasten, vase.
  • Mr and Mrs Delaporte, crumb brush and tray.
  • Mr JE and Miss L Logue, egg cruet.
  • Miss Christine Clifton, hot water jug (Wedgewood).
  • Mr Dick Clifton, salad spoon and fork.
  • Mr Joseph Clifton, jug (Wedgewood).
  • Mr AF Clifton, white shawl.
  • ‘Frogmore’ silver butter knife.
  • Mr and Mrs Jas. Mitchell, silver serviette ring and silver sweet dish.

Southern Times, 2 May 1905