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Barbercuing [sic] of the Bullock

The Barbercuing [sic] of the Bullock

Ye Old Scottish Custom

To be held at

Highland Valley, Roelands

Wednesday, tenth day of May

To the Clan

Rose, W.A. [handwritten]

TO All Whom These Presents Shall Come Greetings

Know Ye Therefore

That the official Ritual will take place at the above on the tenth day of May in the year of Our Lord one thousand nine hundred and thirty three. The roasting ceremony, drinking and merrymaking mingled with ye olde ballads and dances will continue till the morning sun shows its smiling face over yonder valley.

Ye are therefore summoned to be present

Accompanied by the ladye at Ye Olde Ancient Custom of Barbercuing at the place and on the day and year hereinbefore written.

The aforesaid ritual of ye ancient Celts. A full dance band will be at ye service and every encouragement will be given to merry making by means of a first class bar. Stewards and chef will be in constant attendance.

Ye are further required

To don ye Glad Rags.

In consideration of the aforesaid

Ye are hereby required to notify the undersigned (Members of Ye Ancient Order of Bottleopeners) of ye obedience to this command on or before the Third day of May one thousand nine hundred and thirty three. Such acceptance must be accompanied with the sum of twenty one shillings of the coin of the Realm.

All ye who participate in the hospitality extended must assist by bringing at least one spare part in the form of a tow rope.

All nett proceeds will be distributed amongst deserving charities.

Committee and Organisers

  1. S. Hedges, R. H. Rose, J. Allen, R. A. Clarke, C. L. Clarke, J. P. Monaghan, Brunswick Hotel, Brunswick Junction

R.S.V.P. before May 3, 1933


Further Reading: Prior to the event a poem entitled ‘The Barbecue’, specially written by West Australian poet ‘Dryblower’, was published in the Sunday Times, Sunday 7 May 1933, p. 4.


Photo taken at ‘Highland Valley’ with participants in their ‘glad rags’.

Stella Clarke nee Dempster remembered attending the event and that people came from far and wide. It was a beautiful night until a terrible thunderstorm hit. Some people had problems getting home due to flash flooding.