School Histories

Superseded Schools in the Harvey Shire

Superseded Schools in the Harvey Shire

  • Australind – (had several sites, the last one on Cathedral Avenue)
  • Australind – Church of Rome [Roman Catholic] school, Cathedral Avenue
  • Benger
  • Clifton Area
  • Coast School (Forestry Road)/ Long Swamp
  • Cookernup
  • Ferguson Mill
  • Frogmore
  • Ghezireh
  • Hoffman Mill
  • Mornington Landing
  • Mornington Mill
  • Parkfield 1
  • Parkfield 2
  • Roelands
  • Tallanalla
  • Uduc
  • Waterous
  • Wokalup

The Australind Roman Catholic School which operated between 1875 and 1882 was conducted in the building of St John Vianney on the Old Coast Road, now known as Cathedral Avenue.

Until the Australind government school finally had its own site in 1905 the Church of St John Vianney building was used at times for the Australind (government) school after 1882.

Plaques along Cathedral Avenue mark both sites.