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Nurses DeEvelynes and McCaullay Farewelled, 1950

About sixty friends, young and old alike, gathered at the R.S.L. hall last Friday to bid farewell to a very respected couple in Mr. and Mrs. Duncan DeEvelynes, who after residing in Harvey for the past 38 years, are leaving to take up residence in Albany. The opportunity was also taken to farewell Nurse McCaullay, who was actually the first nurse in Harvey, although she did not practise as long as Mrs. DeEvelynes. She is leaving Harvey also, although her destination is undecided. The send-off was organised by Mr. Fred Hodgson, who must be congratulated on the way he arranged each detail, sparing no time nor energy in making it a success.

Mr. T. W. D. Smith, chairman of the road board, spoke of the great work Nurse DeEvelynes had done in Harvey, and the surrounding districts, acting as both nurse and doctor. Mr. Smith said that she never murmured or had a cross word when called out in the early hours of the morning, even if it was a stormy night. Besides the hundreds of babies she had delivered in Harvey during her time here, she had delivered about 800 babies in England before coming to Australia, and had now been retired for the past 12 years. Mr. Smith wished her all the best in her new home and also extended best wishes for the future to Nurse McCaullay who had been retired from nursing for many years.

Mr. W. R. Eckersley then presented Nurse DeEvelynes and Nurse McCaullay with a cheque on behalf of the public of the district and he also wished them happiness in their new home. A presentation of a pipe was made to Mr. DeEvelynes by Mr. Smith, who said it was a token of appreciation on behalf of the district as Mr. DeEvelynes was the last school-teacher at the old Uduc school before it closed. Mr. DeEvelynes had retired from the teaching profession. Mr. Smith said that Mr. and Mrs. DeEvelynes were two of the finest pioneers Harvey had ever had.

Nurse DeEvelynes and Nurse McCaullay were then presented with a bouquet each by Miss Flora Anthony, of Carlisle, and Miss Lou Price of Harvey respectively. Flora was down from Carlisle especially for this occasion as she was one of the last to be brought into the world by Nurse DeEvelynes, after whom she is named.

(Harvey Murray Times, 24 February 1950)