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Paul George Kau (c1868-1932) Obituary

Much regret is felt in the district at the death of Paul George Kau who died last Sunday evening, at the Yarloop Hospital. The late Mr. Kau was a farmer who had resided for over thirty years in the district, and he took a leading part in all social work. He was a prominent member of the Methodist Church, and a trustee of the Cookernup Cemetery Board. He took a keen interest in the affairs of the district, and was identified with many movements for its progress. He was born in South Australia. He had been a patient at the Yarloop hospital where he underwent a minor operation which was quite satisfactory. Unfortunately, while recovering from the operation, he died of heart failure.

The funeral took place on Tuesday afternoon, leaving the Methodist Church after several of the deceased’s favourite hymns had been sung, and the Rev. G. R. Limb had given an impressive address. The chief mourners were: Mrs. E. M. Kau (widow), Messrs. A. H. and L. H. Kau (sons), Messrs. H. and F. Kau (brothers), Mesdames T. Crogan, J. McKie and Miss H. Kau (sisters), Mrs. A. H. Kau (daughter-in-law), and Miss M. Crogan (niece). The pall-bearers were: Messrs. John Hill, N. Exelby, R. Kirkham, M. Whatman, J. Aiken and J. Eastcott. Messrs. John Hill and Malcolm Whatman represented the Cookernup Cemetery Board.

Amongst old residents noticed at the funeral were: Messrs. Boyd, M. Lyons, R. Kirkham, M. A. Wickham, Cook, Nicholls, F. Green, H. Bowles and A. McKay.

List of Wreaths: Family Wreath; Wife and Sons; Mrs. Storer and family; Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hayward; F. and M. Whatman; Three Sisters and Niece (Mrs. A. Crogan, Mrs. J. M. McKie, Miss Kau and Miss M. Crogan); His Three Brothers (F. H. and C. L. Kau); Mr. and Mrs. Gus Marriott; Mr. and Mrs. L. B. Schlam and Joy; Mr. and Mrs. H. Bowles and family; Mr. and Mrs. John Hill and family; W. and C. E. Adams; Mr. and Mrs. G. J. Wilkes; W. J. and W. D. Masson; The Scott Family; Mr. and Mrs. Geo Fisk; Mr. and Mrs. Pitman and family; Mr. and Mrs. Perkins; Una and Herbert; Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Henning; Mr. and Mrs. R. Kirkham; Mr. and Mrs. Pedroli; E. and J. Garlick and family; The Children and Headmistress North Drakesbrook School; A. and D. Klatt and family; Mrs. Reigett, Senr.; Mr. and Mrs. Areo and family; Mr. and Mrs. Donovan and family; Mr. and Mrs. J. J Dixon and family; Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Ross, Hamel State Nursery; Mr. and Mrs. Alexander and family; Diana Garlick; Eva Klatt; J. B. and Miss E. Aitken; Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Green; Lorna and Mavis; Mr. and Mrs. S. Moss; Mrs. Schock and family; Martin and Myrtle and family; and four with no cards attached.

(Harvey Murray Times, 19 August 1932.)

Headstone for Paul George Kau and Alfred Herbert Kau, Cookernup Cemetery. Photo courtesy of Kerry Davis.