Potted Histories

27 Hayward Street, Harvey

LJ Hooker, March 2022.

The land at 27 Hayward Street was vacant in the 1930s. (Source: Guy Palmer). Circa 1938 Mrs Markham built the shop next to the pair of two-storey shops she owned.

1940 to at least 1955 – Dentist Surgery

1940 – Harvey FireMr John A. Galvin, dental parlour.  The building has a brick frontage and was erected about 2 years ago for Mrs L. M. Markham.  It is understood that both building and contents were covered by insurance. (Preston Mail and District Advocate, 20 January 1940, p. 6.)

1940 to at least May 1946. Mr. K. G. Wyatt, Dip. D.S., of Perth, has arrived in Harvey and will shortly take over the dental practice of Mr. J. A Galvin. Mr. Galvin will commence his duties with the R.A.A.F. in the near future. (Harvey Murray Times, 8 February 1940, p. 2.)

November 1946 to at least February 1955. Ken Pritchard’s dental premises. Pritchard was in Harvey by November 1946 (Harvey Murray Times, 8 November 1946) and was still servicing Harvey in February 1955 but he had moved to Perth by September 1954.  K. W. PRITCHARD DENTIST WILL BE AT HARVEY ON Thursdays and Fridays AS FROM THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 17th. (Harvey Murray Times, 11 February 1955, p. 2.)

1968 – Dalgety NZL, 27 Hayward St, home goods and farm goods. It may have been there for some time but was listed in the 1968 Harvey Show Schedule.

1970s to 1980s – ‘Kayella’- Billie McMillan’s Dress Shop.

1997 to current – LJ Hooker, 27 Hayward Street – first mentioned in the 1997 Harvey Show Schedule.

Photo showing Kayella’s fashions, located between the two-storey building on the left and Withnell Venables on the right.