Cookernup Rolls of Honour

Cookernup Rolls of Honour for World War 1 are displayed at the Cookernup Community Centre.

Roll of Honour

Lest We Forget

1914 – 1918

H Adams, H Bevis, L Bevis, W Bevis, E Courthope, C Cunningham, I Doxey, T Doxey, C Fletcher, E Hayes, F Hayes, L Hughes, S Hughes, J Jackson, W Martin, A McQuade, W McQuade, I Meredith, L Meredith, R Meredith, A Nicholson, E Robinson, G Robinson, L Rogers, M Rogers, W Townsend, A Smith, J Smith.


Roll of Honour

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Cookernup Football Club.

Sgt. S Meredith, Pte A Hitchcock, Pte W West, Pte T Link, Pte A McQuade, Pte F Hayward, *Pte W Hahn, +Pte W Robinson, *Pte L Meredith, Sap AP Murdock, QM Sgt JD Murdock, Pte F Hayes, Pte F Burke, Pte G Forbes, Cpl J Adams, Pte J Rushton, Pte A Hughes, Pte I Meredith, Pte E Courthope, Pte W Martin, Pte W McQuade, Pte W Townsend, Pte J McEwin, Pte B Baker, Pte D Evans, Pte P Scott, Pte A Barlow, Pte A Winwood, Pte M Woods, Pte A Nicholson, *Pte J Jackson, Pte WG Cooper, *Pte E Hayes, Pte L Rogers, +Pte N Sheldon, Pte JM Rogers.

*Killed in Action.

+Died of Illness.