Passenger Lists

Island Queen Passenger List

Left London September 1840

Arrived Port Leschenault (Bunbury) December 1840

Name, Occupation, Age

Dr Carr

Mr James Gardner Austin & his wife Mary Anne Austin, Chief Surveyor

Thomas Greensill, assistant surveyor

Thomas Walter Thompson, surveyor

Henry Gaudin, assistant surveyor

Thomas Treen, surveyor

John Harrison, assistant surveyor

Henry Smith (known as Sir John), surveyor

Harley Robert Johnson, surveyor

Frederick Humphries Humphr(e)y

Robert Austin, assistant surveyor, son of James and Mary

Michael Shinnick, whitesmith, 25

William Joyce, blacksmith, 19

Benjamin Elmes, blacksmith, 24

David Benjamin, cabinet maker, 23

Richard Ashford, shoemaker, 25

William Moriarty, bricklayer, 26

William Wilson, labourer, 17

Henry Roberts, labourer, 32

William Dixon, carpenter & gardener, 25

Francis Kemp, agric. labourer, 20

James Alexander Baines, cabinet maker

Emma Terry, servant to Mrs Austin, 16

5 other labourers unnamed

This list is compiled from The History of the Harvey District, written by AC Staples in 1950. Names obtained by eliminating the ‘Parkfield’ passengers from the complete list of names included in Clifton’s first report 28:5:1841, WA Company Commissioner’s Letter Book.

Further information – Phyllis Barnes, JMR Cameron and HA Willis (Eds), The Australind Journals of Marshall Waller Clifton 1840 – 1861, Hesperian Press, Carlisle, WA, 2010.