Potted Histories

Nos 11 and 13 Hayward Street, Harvey

By Kerry Davis and Heather Wade, 2023.

Nos 11 & 13 Hayward Street, Harvey, March 2022. Therapeutic Massage is on the left hand side and My Gypsy Wife on the right.

By 1916 a small shop stood on the site. (Harvey Waroona Mail, 20 January 1956, p. 3.)


Initially Mr Arthur Palmer occupied the right hand side of Harvey House – No. 9 Hayward Street – but by 1927 he occupied the shop next door at No. 11 Hayward Street.

The building now occupied by Mr. A. Palmer as a hairdressing saloon and billiard room is to undergo extensive alterations. A contract has been let and the work of building will be put in hand at once. This will give Mr. Palmer an up-to-date hairdressing saloon separate from the billiard room with a private apartment for lady patrons. (Bunbury Herald and Blackwood Express, 11 May 1927, p. 4.)

In the 1930s a bookmaker also operated from there. (Source: Guy Palmer) Arthur Palmer died in 1947 and in October 1948 Mr. Palmer’s Hairdressing Saloon was under the supervision of Bob Clark, a registered hairdresser. (Harvey Murray Times, 1 Oct 1948, p. 1.)

In 1956 a barber and bootmaker occupied the premises. (Harvey Waroona Mail, 20 January 1956, p. 3.)

The hairdresser and bootmaker businesses between

Harvey House and the National Bank. Photo taken by Tony Kruckenberg.

In 1965 a brick building costing £4000 replaced the old wooden building.

The new shop in 1965, courtesy of Harvey & Districts Historical Society.

1965 – Ron McNerney, Men’s Hairdresser.

1995 – ITP Income Tax Professionals

Unknown – ‘Two Tribes’ traded there before it moved to 23 Hayward Street.

By April 2005 to at least 2008 – GWR Switch Gear (Source: 2005 – Guy Palmer photo and google maps in 2008)

2021 – Blue Wren Health Shop & Clinic (both sides)

March 2022 – Therapeutic Massage.


By 1928 – George Franks had established his business as a watchmaker, jeweller and engraver in Harvey in 1917. (1932 Harvey Show Schedule) Whether this was in Hayward Street is unknown, but by 1928 it was – Mr G Frank’s show window adjoined Mr Palmer’s hairdressing saloon in Harvey. (Bunbury Herald and Blackwood Express, 30 November 1928, p. 4.)  According to the 1933 Show Schedule, Mr P Zeffi had taken over the Watchmaking Department. George Frank died in October that year.

April 1932 to 1933 – The Harvey Murray Times established a Harvey office in the premises occupied by Mr George Franks, watchmaker and jeweller in Hayward Street. (Harvey Murray Times, 15 April 1932, p. 3.) By 1933 the Harvey Murray Times had a new office in Becher Street, formerly McClure Street, on the south side of the RSL Hall.

Unknown to 1949 – JJ Betts, bootmaker. In 1953 Betts opened a new bootmaker’s shop on the corner of Uduc Road and Harper Street, near the railway crossing. (Harvey Waroona Mail, 10 April 1953)

1949 to at least 1961 – Mr. G Vozzo, more popularly known as Joe Vozzo, announced through advertising columns of this issue that he has taken over the boot and shoe repairing business from Mr. J Betts, in Hayward Street.  Mr. Vozzo needs no introduction to many residents of this district, having conducted a similar business in Yarloop before the War.  (Harvey-Murray Times, 6 May 1949, p. 12.)

Mr. Vozzo of Hayward Street advertised in the Harvey Show Schedule in 1961.

1970s & early 1980s – Ladies Hairdressers. Susan-K was first listed in the Harvey Show Schedule in 1971.

By 2005 – the salon was trading as Masquerade Hair Studio. (Source: Guy Palmer’s photo taken 2005)

2021 (left & right) – Blue Wren Health Shop & Clinic

September 2021 to September 2022 – My Gypsy Wife, a one stop magickal place created for spiritual and soulful needs. Moved to Uduc Road. (Facebook posts).