Oral Histories

SurnameChristian NameYearSynopsisSummary
Alverstoke & CliftonFamilies1997Yes
ArmstrongFrank1991YesNAME: Frank Armstrong
BIRTH: 1905, Guildford WA
MARRIAGE: daughter of Mr. & Mrs Arthur Venables (nee Piggott)
OCCUPATION: Farming, contract, orchard, various
NOTES: 3 children, property at Uduc, Hampden. Frank
AshmanEthel1992YesNAME: Ethel Ashman
BIRTH: 1923, Brunswick
PARENTS: Arthur Henry Gray b 1883 Eng.& Beatrice Ada Court b 1888 Eng. M. 1912
MARRIAGE: 1944 Sam Ashman, USA Navy
OCCUPATION: Home Domestic, Tea Rooms, Grocery Store etc
NOTES: Lived USA, returned Brunswick. Sam died 1992. Children
BakerLes1991YesNAME: Leslie Baker
BIRTH: Middlesex, 1905
BaxterElizabeth (Maisie)1993Yes
BelvedereBack ToYesBack to Belvedere
ByrdKath1989YesNAME: Kathleen Byrd
BIRTH: 10 March 1916
PARENTS: both born England
OCCUPATION: Fruit picking, grading, various
NOTES: General school, social and commercial life of Harvey area

Information taken from tape of Kathleen Byrd
ByrdSidney1990YesNAME: Sydney Byrd
BIRTH: 1918, 6th Street, Harvey
PARENTS: born England. Father was a
CatalanoAlma1991YesNAME: Alma Catalano
BIRTH: Perth 1913
PARENTS: Sven & Bessie Carlson
MARRIAGE: 1st. Jack ? killed New Guinea. 2nd Sam Catalano
OCCUPATION: farming, home life,
NOTES: Father a sleeper cutter - 3 years at war. Fire 1921. Her children, families. Early life in area

Information taken from tape of Alma Catalano
CatalanoSam1994YesNAME: Sam Catalano
BIRTH: New York 1920
MARRIAGE: 1948/49 Alma Carlson, war widow
NOTES: Father farmed Dalwallinu, owned land Riverton. Family life, religion, discrimination. Origins of

Information taken from tape of Sam Catalano
ChappleCharlie1990YesNAME: Charles E. Chapple
BIRTH: Broome W.A. 1919
PARENTS: From Queensland, Father worked PWD, Ice & Cordial Factory. Mother ran dairy
MARRIAGE: Freda, 1951. Geraldton
OCCUPATION: Book-keeper, Brownes Milk, Shire Councillor
NOTES: Family History, schooldays, Broome, Perth. Pearling. 5 yrs. Army service, P.O.W. General community life.

Information taken from tape of Charles E Chapple
ClarkeDan1994YesNAME: Dan Clarke
BIRTH: 1923, Bunbury
PARENTS: Mother nee Clifton, Grandfather Ephraim Mayo Clarke, married Louisa Teede
MARRIAGE: 1953, Pat Meade
OCCUPATION: Farming. Politics
NOTES: Princep Estate, community Dardanup, school, migrants, flood, fire, transport, medical etc.

Information taken from tape of Dan Clarke
ClarkeMarjorie1990YesNAME: Marjorie Clarke
BIRTH: Perth 1894
PARENTS: Father Robert Cecil Clifton, b. 1854 Mother, Rose Louisa Leake, b 1862
MARRIAGE: 5th September 1918, Ray Clarke
OCCUPATION: Home duties, farming, potato growing
NOTES: War, Ray
ClarkeStan1993YesNAME: Stan Clarke
PARENTS: married Fremantle 1913. Mother died 1970. Father died 1954. Grandmother
CliftonRupert1989YesNAME: Rupert Lorraine Clifton
BIRTH: 25th Jan. 1911, Bunbury
PARENTS: William Robert & Edith Anne (nee Meredith)
MARRIAGE: Joy Jenkins
OCCUPATION: Primary Producer
NOTES: Slaughter yeard, fruit, potato growing, dairying. Guppy the well-cleaner

Information taken from tape of Rupert Clifton
CrochettiFr. G.1991YesNAME: Father G, Crocetti
BIRTH: Italy, 1925
PARENTS: Father died 1956. Mother died later. They had 3 children in Italy, 2 in Beverley
ORDAINED: Perth, 1951. Studied St. Charles Seminary
OCCUPATION: Parish Priest, Wagin, Narrogin, Harvey, Bunbury etc.
NOTES: Move to Australia, language difficulties, Italian grandparents olive oil business. Siblings all entered Religious Orders. Changes within Church.

Information taken from tape of FatherCrocetti
CrossDonald & Jeanette1995YesNAME: Donald and Jeanette Cross
BIRTH: Donald Cross born Bunbury Nov. 1939. Jeanette Leila Cross (nee Clifton) born Bunbury Aug. 1940
PARENTS: Jeanette
DaviesOwen1992YesNAME: Owen Davies
PARENTS: Llewellyn Davies (1875-1952) and Dorinda Frances Clifton (1887-1971) married Brunswick
Junction 1911.
MARRIAGE: Kathleen Dorinda Richardson, 1946, Serpentine
OCCUPATION: Dairy farming
NOTES: Family, Light Horse, War experiences

Information taken from tape of Owen Davies
DavisEric1990YesNAME: Eric Davis
BIRTH: 1929, Queensland
PARENTS: Edward Davis and Gladys Evelyn (nee Staver)
OCCUPATION: Cartage, Station work, Dairy.
NOTES: Life in Kimberley, life in Harvey.

Information taken from tape of Eric Davis
DavisJack1990YesNAME: Jack Davis
BIRTH: Fremantle 1907
PARENTS: Married at Jarradale
MARRIAGE: Caroline Bowles
OCCUPATION: Mill worker, Foreman
NOTES: Timber Mills, Jarradale, Mornington, Argyll. Life in Boulder/Kalgoorlie, Australind, Mill towns.

Information taken from tape of Jack Davis
DemarteMarie1990YesNAME: Maria Demarte
BIRTH: Italy
PARENTS: Father, D. Fristina, potato grower, died 1962. Mother died 1989
MARRIAGE: 1945 Joe Demarte, Bunbury
OCCUPATION: Home, farming.
NOTES: Joe interned at Rottnest during War. Discrimination, Class disdinction, family life.

Information taken from tape of Maria Demarte
DevlinFrancis1990YesNAME: Frank Devlin
BIRTH: Roelands 1901
PARENTS: both born in 1860
DundenTom1994YesNAME: Thomas Joseph Dunden
BIRTH: South Aust.
PARENTS: Patrick and Agnes Mary (neeO
EbbelsDaisy1991YesNAME: Daisy Ebbels
BIRTH: 23 July 1906, Boulder

NOTES: Stirling
EckersleyW.R.1970YesNAME: W.R. Eckersley

NOTES: Early Harvey history
FryGurney1993YesNAME: Gurney Fry
BIRTH: Benger, 1911
PARENTS: Stephen Henry Fry. Mother
FryerLew1991NAME: Lewis Fryer
PARENTS: married 1900. Mother
GeorgePamela1995YesNAME: Pamela Alice Victoria George
BIRTH: London, 13 May 1924.
PARENTS: Frederick William & Vera Ethelwin Hillier (nee Kench). Both tailors.
MARRIAGE: Harold George. 30 Nov 1946, Brunswick
OCCUPATION: Home, farm

NOTES: Family
GiblettJohn1993YesNAME: John Giblett
PARENTS: Clarence Giblett, married 1902
MARRIAGE: Mamie, married 1964
OCCUPATION: Dairy Farming, fruit growing

NOTES: Grandparents Maurice &Eliza Smith, (nee Clark), both Irish. Irrigation, crops. Family History. Stirling
Information taken from John Giblett
GoodersonGladys1989YesNAME: Gladys Gooderson
BIRTH: Alverly Rd. Institution, Hull England.
MARRIAGE: Bill Gooderson, 1936
OCCUPATION: Domestic, farmwork, cook

NOTES: Institution life. Coronation. WW1. Emigration. Bills Lighthorse experience. His death 1971 Life in

Information taken from Gladys Gooderson
GreenGeorge1989YesNAME: George Sydney Green
BIRTH: 5th Sept 1918, Newcastle St. Perth
PARENTS: George & Martha Green (nee Sanderson), from Sheffield, England
MARRIAGE: 5th May 1951

NOTES: Mills
HackettHazel1994YesNAME: Hazel Hackett
BIRTH: Worsley
PARENTS: Mother born South Aust. Daughter of G.E. Roesner.born 1879. Father named Campbell, born India

1870, Army man.

MARRIAGE: Harvey 1933.
OCCUPATION: Milk Factory, Home duties

NOTES: Husband
HallDolly1992YesNAME: Dolly Hall
BIRTH: info on tape
PARENTS: Cecil & Eleanor Cooper, married after WW1
MARRIAGE: Ralph Hall
OCCUPATION: Farm, home.

NOTES: Venables/Piggot relatives. General life, recycling. Husband
HandleyEdward1989YesNAME: Edward Handley
BIRTH: 1903, Harvey
PARENTS: John & Emma Handley (nee Taylor). John died 1939, Mother died 1953
MARRIAGE: 1931 Katherine Waddingham
OCCUPATION: Timber/sleeper cutting. Dam construction, potato growing

NOTES: Mill contracts, owning property, brick works, stock rearing, general life.

Information taken from Edward Handley
HanksConnie1990YesNAME: Connie Hanks
BIRTH: April 1912
PARENTS: born England, Father arrived WA 1905, Mother later
MARRIAGE: 1938, Jack Hanks
OCCUPATION: Home duties, dairy farm, potato growing.

NOTES: Class distinction, Internment Camp. Orchards. Life in Harvey

Information taken from Connie Hanks
HarnettHarry1991YesNAME: Harry Harnett
BIRTH: 1910 Worsley
PARENTS: Irish origins.
MARRIAGE: Hester Macamish. Both aged 22 years

NOTES: Roelands families, progress. Cobb & Co. Cullity
HarnettMartin1995YesNAME: Brodie Harnett
BIRTH: 15th April 1917
PARENTS: on tape

NOTES: Mills. Life in Worsley, Roelands, BrunswickWorsley Timber Co.Light Horse service, Clontarf boys.
Information taken from Brodie Harnett
Harvey KindergartenCommunity1992No
Harvey Pre Primary19901990No
Harvey Pre Primary19911991No
Harvey Pre Primary19921992No
HoughAlex1990YesNAME: Alexander Hough
BIRTH: 1906, Australind.
PARENTS: Father arrived Australia 1880 as a baby. Mother born Bunbury.
MARRIAGE: Evelyn Hindmarsh
OCCUPATION: Farmer, mine work.

NOTES: Hardships of Depression years. Orchards, dairy farming. General family life.

Information taken from Alexander Hough
HoughM.NAME: Marguerita Hough
BIRTH: 1902, South Aust.
PARENTS: Father a surveyor, farmed at Wickepin.
MARRIAGE: Peter Hough, died 1969
OCCUPATION: Governess, home duties. Farming

NOTES: Farm life, house fire. Smallpox in 1914. Church ministers Wartime, Armistice Day. Class distinction.

Information taken from Marguerita Hough
HutchinsonJ.R.1992YesNAME: John Hutchinson
BIRTH: Perth, 1927
ItalianoJack1989NoNAME: Jack Italiano

NOTES: Interview in Italian
JensenGreta1989YesNAME: Greta Jensen
BIRTH: 17th July 1917. Ararat, Victoria.
PARENTS: Albert Arthur & Helen Shalders. Helen was an orphan, from England, aged 18, domestic servant
MARRIAGE: Laurie Jensen, 29th Sept. 1929 ??
OCCUPATION: Servant, home duties

NOTES: Albany, Harvey, Mornington. School/general life/ Granny Westwood, midwife.

Information taken from Greta Jensen
JensenLaurence1989YesNAME: Laurie Jensen
BIRTH: 25th March 1910, South Australia
OCCUPATION: Mill, labour

NOTES: His parents. Depression. School, general. Work on Oil Tanks, mills, Sustenance Work.

Information taken from Laurie Jensen
JohnsonMuriel1989YesNAME: Muriel Johnson
BIRTH: 1922, Harvey
PARENTS: William & Constance McQuade ( nee Dalton). William born York. Mother born Waterous Mill.
MARRIAGE: Bill Johnson.
OCCUPATION: Home, secretarial, various.

NOTES: Family history. McQuade/Martin. Father
JohnsonWilliam1990YesNAME: William Johnson
BIRTH: 1915. East Perth
PARENTS: Sydney & Sarah Johnson (nee McLean).
MARRIAGE: Muriel McQuade
OCCUPATION: Railways, Shire

NOTES: Family history. Father
JonesMay1994YesNAME: May Jones
BIRTH: Bunbury 1914
PARENTS: Father - ? Taylor from Nicklup. Died aged 88. Mother ? Clarke from Hampden, born 1884 died

aged 83

MARRIAGE: Lyall Jones, 1932
OCCUPATION: Home duties. Dairy farming, growing potatoes

NOTES: Early home life. Internment Camp. Memorial Shrine. General Life in Harvey.

Information taken from May Jones
KilleyGeorge1990YesNAME: George Killey
BIRTH: Narrogin 1914
PARENTS: Mother:Ann Rose Wells, born Castlemaine 1879, died 1959. Father born 1868, died 1930
MARRIAGE: Thora, 1935. She was born 1916, died 1982

NOTES: Father
KingKitty1990YesNAME: Kitty Christina King
BIRTH: 6th July 1912, Leake St. Perth
PARENTS: Thomas William David & Edith Ann Smith ( Hogan)
KnightLeonard1990YesNAME: Len Knight
BIRTH: 1924, Mount Lawley
PARENTS: Frederick & Winifred Knight (nee Gibbs)
MARRIAGE: 1953. Joan
OCCUPATION: Farming, involved Local Govt., Ag. School, Hospital Board. Fire Control etc.

NOTES: Family history. Gibbs
LofthouseRichard1989YesNAME: Richard Lofthouse
BIRTH: 1913. Yarloop
PARENTS: Details on tape
MARRIAGE: Barrie Borthwick, 1945

NOTES: Renfrey, drilling for subartesian water. Wokalup school, Armistice. Hayward family. Dairy life. WW2
		Service. P.O.W. Marriage. Family History.

Information taken from Richard Lofthouse
ManningDavid1989YesNAME: David Manning
BIRTH:1912, Bunbury
PARENTS: Mother : Laura (nee Sidley)
MARRIAGE: 1948 Nerina Rees

NOTES: Early family life and history
MarstonEarnest1992YesNAME: Ernest Marston
BIRTH: England about 1906
PARENTS: From England 1911, father railway worker, farmer
MARRIAGE: 1926 Pinjarra. Wife born Mt. Magnet
OCCUPATION: Farming, butchering PWD

NOTES: Life in Benger, Brunswick. Family history. Work on dams

Information taken from Ernest Marston
McCaulFrank1991YesNAME: Frank McCaul
BIRTH: Mt. Barker 1928
PARENTS: Mother parents from Scotland. Father
McLeodAlex1994YesNAME: Alec McLeod
BIRTH: 1916, Victoria
PARENTS: Father, an accountant died 1918. Mother remarried Henry Belcher.
MARRIAGE: May Edwards
OCCUPATION: Farming, dairy.

NOTES: General life, family history. Dairy industry.

Information taken from Alec McLeod
McQuadeConstance1989YesNAME: Constance McQuade
BIRTH: Waterous.
PARENTS: Father: Jim Dalton. Mother: Emily Constance Paget died soon after Constance
MinchamGladys1989YesNAME: Gladys Mincham
BIRTH: 1900
PARENTS: From Adelaide. Lived Boulder
OCCUPATION: Retail, home

NOTES: Family History, Life in Boulder & Harvey. War, brother killed. Depression. General.

Information taken from Gladys Mincham interview, taped by Harvey Oral History Group
MorganWilliam1993YesNAME: William Morgan
BIRTH: Perth 1909
PARENTS: Father David Morgan born Wales, Mother Martha Taylor born Queensland
MARRIAGE: Ann Marston 1932
OCCUPATION: Dairy farm

NOTES: Family history, local identities, local properties, school days, sports.

Information taken from William Morgan
MountfordDoris1991YesNAME: Doris Mountford
BIRTH: England 1910
PARENTS: Named on tape
MARRIAGE: Frank Mountford
OCCUPATION: Home, farming

NOTES: Wellington/Ferguson Mills. Dairy farming, vegetable growing. Dardanup. Family

Information taken from Doris Mountford
MouritzFrank1989YesNAME: Frank Mouritz
BIRTH: 1897, Victoria
MARRIAGE: Second marriage to Mrs. Gray, widow.
OCCUPATION: Train Driver.

NOTES: arrived WA 1900. Brunswick Junction, Milk Factory/Creamery. Railways. First Wife did volunteer
work. 100 years old on May 11th 1997!

Information taken from Frank Mouritz
Nursing Mother's GroupBrunswick1993
OttreyTomNAME : Tom Ottrey
BIRTH :	5th Nov. 1920 Harvey
MARRIAGE :	 Miss Newby.

NOTES : Days in the Light Horse. Dairy Farm on Herbert Road. Artificial breeding. Factories in Harvey. Floods. The Diversion. Internment Camp. Harvey Businesses. Timber. Citrus growing.Knowles, Pinners, Logues, Roesners, Blowfields, Greens, Oscar Rath, Gibbs & Grieve. Ivan Manning. Jack Lowe, Drs. Kennedy, Jacobs, Stimson. Yarloop & Mornington Mills.
PapaliaJo1995YesNAME: Joe Papalia
PARENTS: Father born Italy 1897m died 1968
MARRIAGE: Margaret, born Harvey 1935, married 1954
OCCUPATION: Plant operator/assistant foreman. Browne
PartridgeHope1990NoNAME: Hope Emily Eastman Partridge
PARENTS: Kenneth McCaskill Eastman/Sylvia Annie Delma Chisholm.
MARRIAGE:Walter Stephen Partridge in 1925

NOTES: This is an addendum to two written accounts of her life in Bunbury and district
Talks about the estuary before pollution. The harbour. Collie and Preston Rivers. Her home, the town, siblings, school days and names friends, St. Claire
PollerVin1992YesNAME: Vin Poller
BIRTH: Bunbury 28th Nov. 1913
PARENTS: Father born 1887 Switzerland. Mother born
PughViolet1990YesNAME: Violet Pugh
BIRTH: 1928, Harvey
PARENTS: Earnest Edward & Celina Holly Charman (nee Cooper)
MARRIAGE: Norseman 1947
OCCUPATION: Retail furniture Harvey. Business Bunbury.

NOTES: Family Hisotry. Racism. Class Distinction. Women today. Local Identities . General
RakeSybil1990YesNAME: Sybil Rake
BIRTH: At Benger.
PARENTS: Charles Offer / Daisy Piggott.
MARRIAGE: Jim Rake, Bunbury 1943.
OCCUPATION: housemaid, farm/house

NOTES:Talks about school at Benger, family life, sister
ReadingDaisy1996NoNAME: Daisy Reading
BIRTH: Denmark WA 1925.
PARENTS: Mother - Leonora Pope, born London. Father
RiggEmma1989YesNAME: Emma Jean Rigg, nee Haywood.
BIRTH:11th Oct. 1909, Bunbury.
RobertsonWilliamNAME: William (Scottie) Robertson.
BIRTH: 1910 Scotland
PARENTS: David Robertson, b. Scotland and Susan b. Wales.
MARRIAGE: 1936. Dorothy Jones
OCCUPATION:. Milk-carter. Dairy-hand. Factory worker. Wood supply. Main Roads. Funeral Director.

NOTES: Early life and school days in Harvey. Farmers and milk carting. The milk factory and co-op. Families. The town, its streets and people. Building the Diversion dam. WW 11, joins 10th Light Horse. Places of combat, Bouganville (and being ill), New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Rabaul. Surrender of Japanese. Father
RobsonFrances1989YesNAME: Frances S. Robson.
BIRTH: 1903
OCCUPATION: Farm , Governess.

NOTES: Talks about childhood, games, lessons, teachers. WW 1. Father University Lecturer. Mother a Doctor. Social Life and social work,
RodgersNeville1990YesNAME: Neville Rodgers
BIRTH: 1942, Rockingham.
PARENTS: Lionel Francis Rodgers (b. 1908, Cooks Park, Australind, died 1945). And Dulcie Mildred Jones.

NOTES: Lived with grandparents at Springhill after Father
RodgersPatricia1990YesNAME: Patricia Rodgers
BIRTH: Adopted at 4 months of age by Sylvina and John Tomkins
MARRIAGE: 1965 at Rathmines Church to Neville Rodgers
OCCUPATION: at Charlie Carters.

NOTES: husband Neville works as a clerk at C.S.B.P.,
RogersFaith1990YesNAME: Mrs. Faith Rogers.
BIRTH: 1900, at Blackrock, Yarloop.
PARENTS: Joseph Jackson, b. Cumberland and Harriet Jane Jackson (nee Symonds)b. Norfolk
MARRIAGE: Les Rogers, at St. Paul
RoseFred1991YesNAME: Frederick John Rose,
BIRTH: 1919 Bunbury.
PARENTS: Bertha Kate Lee Steere and William Allnutt Rose.

NOTES: Roelands Primary School, Bunbury High School, Roelands irrigation scheme. Family property, memories. War Service, siege of Tobruk. Return to Darwin. Lost an eye. His Grandmother. Various aspects of Australian life.Rose family, Harnett, Clarke family. 1964 flood. Farming. Unions, religion, timber, superannuation, partnerships with brothers. Family and his interests.
RoseJune1998NoNAME : Margaret June Rose, nee Robinson
BIRTH : 14 Jan. 1925, Port Hedland WA
PARENTS : Mother Emily Joyce Murray b. 30th Nov. 1894. Father b. Roebourne 1888
MARRIAGE :	Nov. 9th, 1946 Colin Rose
OCCUPATION : Farm, pastoral, home.

NOTES : Mount Florence Station, Coongan, Marble Bar farming at Burekup, friends from Brunswick Junction. Outback life on the station, donkey teams to cart wool. Correspondence school. Cyclones, Marble Bar. John Seabrook
RoseRichard (Dick)1994YesNAME: Dick Rose.
BIRTH: Bunbury 1918
PARENTS: Father, Thomas Rose killed 1927. Mother
SchoolsHarvey Yr 21992No
SchoolsProject Yr 31993
SchoolsProject Yr 41994
SchoolsProject Yr 51995
SchoolsProject Yr 61996
SimmW.Les1989YesNAME: William Leslie Simm.
BIRTH:1914 at Kyabram, Victoria in a bush nursing hospital.
PARENTS: John Simm and Ethel Joiner. Dairy farmers.
OCCUPATION: Cheese maker, factory assistant.

NOTES: Family, names, marriages , residences. Dairy Farming. Hay cutting New Zealand. Wyuna Factory, rennin, whey, skim milk. FamilyDiabetes. Dairy products and decline in W.A. Wesfarmers, Brownes Dairy, Peters Dairy. School at Wyuna. Mud bricks, stock route. Transporting logs down the Murray River. Aboriginal Sites. Disabled sister and community acceptance. WW 1 vets. Depression. Swaggies. Sustenance workers. Hawkers. Migrants. .Dairy Industry and factory in WA.David Partridge, Joe Papalia. Geo. Weston baker. Retirement.family WW 11. Soldier Settlement Scheme. POWs. Irrigation. Railways. Mr. Thurston, blacksmith. Local identities Agricultural Society. Peters Products. Unions. Strikes.
An accessory tape on Dairy Factory, Milk Board, and Financial problems.
SouthcombeMaurice1991YesNAME: Maurice Southcombe
BIRTH: England
PARENTS: Mother died 1970, Father died 1944.
MARRIAGE: 1935 Wolalup to Lilian
OCCUPATION: Writer, mill foreman. Council foreman.

NOTES: Life in England, home in Portsmough. Trip to Australia. Group Settlement Scheme near Busselton 1924. A humpy for a home. Coolgardie safe. Settlement fiasco, lost children, deaths, debt, brumbies, woggas,. Other families at the settlement. Walk off. Busselton, its jetty, churches etc. Kalgoorlie, mouse plague across Nullabor. Underground on Lake View and Star mine, race riots 1934. Hoffmans Timber Mill. Mornington Timber Mill 1940 for 17 years.. Train smash, mill accident. Dr. Knight. Yarloop hotel fire. Mill life Jarradale.. Family life. Children
SpurgeMarjorie1992YesNAME: Marjorie Jean Spurge
BIRTH:1907, Northam.
PARENTS: James Albert Wilkerson b 1879 and Elsie Mary Kimber, b. 1883, married 1903 Northam.
MARRIAGE: 1922 Arthur Spurge, Perth.
OCCUPATION: Secretary, governess Home duties, journalism, receptionist.

NOTES: Farm on 9th St. Harvey. Old shops, Wilsons, N.S.W. Bank, Lowe
StanfordKen1994NoNAME : Ken Stanford
BIRTH :	Perth.

NOTES : Family background. Orchard. Citrus growing. The tiled drains. Joe & Alec Johnson, Stan Sutcliff, Charmans, Sharps, Newbys, Phil Ward, Arthur & Len Roesner, Mr. Latch. Hawter
StimsonIan1992YesInformation taken from interview, taped by Harvey Oral History Group
NAME: Ian Gordon Stimson
TalbotTom1992YesNAME: Thomas Talbot
BIRTH: Hindmarsh, South Aust. 1909.
PARENTS:Father Tom Talbot born Devonshire. Mother
ThomsonIan1995YesNAME: Ian Thomson (known early as Kingsley Forrester.)
BIRTH: England 27 June 1929.
PARENTS: Abandoned.
OCCUPATION: Carpenter, fruit picker, mission employee.

NOTES: Crippled by Osteomyelitis. Poor education, early learning difficulty. Illiterate. Fostered. Beaten for bed-wetting. Little contact with Mother and Aunt which later ceased.Good voice
TriplettRod1997YesNAME : Rodney F. Triplett
BIRTH :	Denmark WA 1949
PARENTS : on tape. Father a builder.
MARRIAGE : Chris, 4 March 1972.

NOTES : family history, memories of Denmark and grandparents. .Katanning, Australind.Communication, cars, families. Living conditions, no crime. Hinton Cottage. Bunbury Dr. & hospital. Social classes, entertainment family gatherings. Progress Asscn, Brownies, Sea Scouts, Cub Scouts in Bunbury. Mrs. Travers P.O. Gainfield
VenablesGeorge1990YesNAME : George Venables
BIRTH :	 on tape
PARENTS : Mother : Mary Venables, nee Piggott. Father named on tape, also grandparents,
MARRIAGE :	on tape.

NOTES : Family, school, Dr. obs, Uduc Smith, Oscar Rath, Ted McKeen Depression, Harvey Factories, Orchards, Soldier Settlement. Green
VicaryEnid1989YesNAME : Mrs. Enid Vicary
BIRTH :	Bunbury 14th July 1914, nee Roesner.
PARENTS : Mother born Wolverhampton 1890. Father born South Australia 1880
MARRIAGE :	First failed, second to Vicary,
OCCUPATION : shop assistant, domestic duties etc.

NOTES : James family, Mornington Mills, Millers Boarding House and shop.. Harvey shops, railway, CWA, Police Station, church, school
WarburtonEdward1991YesNAME : Edward Warburton
OCCUPATION : dairy, potato growing.

NOTES : Old Brunswick Bridge, flood of 1928. Clydesdale horses, building bridge, Charlie O
WilliamsJohn1990YesNAME : Vern Wright
BIRTH :	Perth
PARENTS :Alexander Walter Wright, b. 1915. D. 1932. Mother Katherine Gross d. 1956
MARRIAGE : Miss Veale 1941, b. Bunbury d. 1989,	

NOTES : transport, sports, early farming, irrigation. Wellesley Road. Milk quotas, Australind, Brunswick River. Railway Station. Depression, sustenance workers. Saleyards at Brunswick. His wife
WoodhouseEllen1991YesNAME : Vern Wright
BIRTH :	Perth
PARENTS :Alexander Walter Wright, b. 1915. D. 1932. Mother Katherine Gross d. 1956
MARRIAGE : Miss Veale 1941, b. Bunbury d. 1989,	

NOTES : transport, sports, early farming, irrigation. Wellesley Road. Milk quotas, Australind, Brunswick River. Railway Station. Depression, sustenance workers. Saleyards at Brunswick. His wife
WrightVern1993YesNAME : Vern Wright
BIRTH :	Perth
PARENTS :Alexander Walter Wright, b. 1915. D. 1932. Mother Katherine Gross d. 1956
MARRIAGE : Miss Veale 1941, b. Bunbury d. 1989,	

NOTES : transport, sports, early farming, irrigation. Wellesley Road. Milk quotas, Australind, Brunswick River. Railway Station. Depression, sustenance workers. Saleyards at Brunswick. His wife