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This site is dedicated to the Oral Histories of Residents of Harvey District

There are also collections of written history and Cemetery Lists

The group is eager to expand its collection and further our aim of making it available for public access. If you have photos, documents or information pertaining to the Harvey Shire, please contact us by email at info@harveyhistoryonline.com.

Currently the group is seeking photos of Yarloop – both old and modern.


Documents and newspaper articles written many years ago often include offensive and derogatory terms which are today considered unacceptable.

Sometimes, we have reproduced the original language from our historical sources (such as newspaper articles, or archival records). Please be aware that such sources may use language to describe people in derogatory and offensive ways that are totally unacceptable today. We use such terms in order to demonstrate the language (and thus, the thinking) of the time. We apologise for any offence or distress reading such language might cause.

Historical records may also contain references to, or images of, Aboriginal people who have died. Other articles may refer to the history of institutional care which took place within this district, and may cause distress to those affected by these stories.

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