Yarloop Cookernup Wagerup Honor Roll

The original Honor Board was destroyed in the 2016 Yarloop Bush Fires. It was replicated and unveiled at the opening of the Yarloop Community Centre in 2019.

 The original Honor Board showing some name plates missing.

Banner S., Banner H.C., Banner P.H., Barrett P.H., Bevan H.J., Birch W.H., Blackburn H., Blackburn L.A., Boyd J.E., Boyd R.G., Buchanan A.M., Buchanan N.R.*, Clarke D., Clayton J.H., Connolly F.C., Cook J.H., Currie G., ?, ?, Dalrymple G.A.*, Dixon R., Driscoll B.F., Driscoll J.A., Darby R.W.T.*, Dyer L., Eastcott F.N., Eastcott T.F.*, Eaton B., Ecclestone R.E., Ecclestone R., Fleay A.*, Fowles R.G., Fowles W.A., Fortune W., Garner J., Gardiner D., Gardiner J.M., Greaves M.L., Greaves N.E.B., Greaves W., Greaves M., Harris L.D., Harris R.C., Harris L.B., Harris D.P., Harrold K., Harrold N., Hall J., Hayes H., Heron F., Henderson J.C., Higgins B., Higgins K.W., Higgins L.A., Hicks H.R., Hicks J., Hicks, Hicks R.H., Hill F., Holland H.F.*, Holland R.*, Humble, ?, Jenkinson J., Jones L.W., Jones J.P., Jones A., Johnson N.H., Kerr L.G., Kemp W., Kemp C., Law T., Leaney C.L., Lee R.L., Lefley D.*, Lemmon J., Mills S.H., Miles A.T., Mills D.A., Mills A.A., Mitchell A.M., Murdoch R.G., McAlister A.C., McCann C.C.J., McDonald R.G., McDonald A.F., McDonough J.B.*, McDonald B.J., McEwin G., McEwin J., McGovern T., McNeill D.R., McQuade A., O’Connor W.J., O’Connor J.F., Osborne A.A., ?, Palmer K., Pearce N.H., Pedroli G., Pedroli G., Pitts C., Platell C.F., Pratt J.E., Proctor R., Purcell L., Quarrell W.F., Rabbish W.H.*, Robinson W.A., Riegert C., Savage E.J., Savage W.G., Scott R.E., Scott A.J., Scott N.D., Scott N., Schlam C.C., Schlam W.S., Seddon, Shaw P., Sim D.A., Smith J., Smith G.L., Smith C.L., Solomon S., Soffe R.E., Strang A.C., Storr L.L., Streeter B.J., Stephens S.A.*, ?, Thomas R.A., Thomas J., Tippett N.B., Tippett S.E., Tooze R.G., Tozer F.G., Treadwell E., Trevenen S.A., Treadwell J., Trevenen R., Wearne H.J., Whitehouse A.G., Whitehouse E.J., Wilson H.P., Wilson G., Wilson J.A., Wilson C., Wilson F., Wilson R.F., Willmott E.J., Wickham C., Woodcock L.N., ?, ?, ?, Blackburn J., Bishop W., ?, Corker N.M., Corker T.W., ?, Fowles E., Higgins J.A., Hicks T., Jenkins M.A, Jenkins F.M.E., Le Mercier G.H.*, Marshall J., Rabbish N., Smith B.F., Trevenen J.I.B., Trevenen M.H., Thomas J., Tippett J.E., Urry B.S., Williamson, Whitehouse C.


Eric Hall, President of Harvey RSL, and Premier Mark McGowan unveiling the replica Honor Roll in the Yarloop Community Centre while Robyn Clarke, MLA, looks on, 22 November 2019. Beforehand, the Premier had opened the Community Centre.

The plaque at the bottom left of the board reads: This Honor Board has been reproduced from memories of the original which was lost in the 2016 Yarloop Bush Fires. Errors and omissions are accepted. Should you have information which may help complete this Honor Board please contact the Shire of Harvey on 9729 0300.